Web design inspiration for the pet industry

Are you a business in the pet industry and need a website? If you are struggling with ideas on how to design your website and establish yourself in the pet industry, we are here to help get you inspired. 

A well-designed website is a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. From new businesses wanting to make a splash, to established companies trying to keep customers engaged, inspired web design is the perfect tool to grow your business! Here are some ideas to help get you started:


1. Camp Bow Wow

Camp Bow Wow home page


Camp Bow Wow is a perfect example of inspired web design for the pet industry. From bright colours to adorable animations, everyone on this site speaks to the playful, friendly nature of the business. The little drawings and photos throughout the site add a personal touch that helps consumers connect with the business, with the animations playfully guiding the eye where it needs to go. 

This site uses creative web design to immediately tell the visitors who they are, what they value and begin converting them to customers before they even read the content. 


2. DogVacay


DogVacay home page

The mood your site needs to convey will change depending on what you are trying to tell your visitors. For a doggy daycare customers want their pets to have a fun and safe day, knowing they will be happy when they pick them up at the end of the day. However, customers looking to entrust someone with their pet when they go away will value safety and comfort so your site needs to convey this. 

DogVacay uses simple, elegant web design to put customers at ease from the moment they open the web page. By using soft colours and lots of white space the company has created the perfect environment to keep their visitors on the site, and consumers know exactly what to expect from this business. 

This business keeps the navigation very simple, streamlining the process for customers, and their use of colour perfectly guides the user through this process. DogVacay’s web design shows that they understand their audience and have customised their website to suit their clients’ needs. 


3. Biggie’s Raw Pantry

Biggie's Raw Pantry home page


The Biggie’s Raw Pantry website put their products at the forefront of their design, using photography to allow the products to speak for themselves. Businesses like this one with a large range of products have to be particularly careful not to make their websites look cluttered and hard to navigate. By using only 3 colours throughout the website, black, white and purple, streamlined navigation and allows visitors to focus on the amazing products. Biggie’s Raw Pantry uses a lot of white space to keep its website looking very clean, organised and welcoming. 

Even though there is a lot of content on this site, nothing is hidden away, and consumers can find what they need easily. This design tells consumers that the company has kept its user in mind every step of the way, so they can expect the same level of care and consideration in their products. 


4. Life Wise Pet Nutrition


Life Wise Pet Nutrition home page

While also selling pet treats, Life Wise has taken a very different approach to their website design. They have used a wide variety of colours, but all in a softer tone than Biggie’s Raw Pantry’s bold colour scheme, as well as including illustrations throughout the site. These elements allow the company to communicate their brand personality and values to consumers, creating a feeling of age, experience and professionalism. The illustrative style is reminiscent of a scientific journal, telling the user their products are informed by science and nature to take care of your pet. This is supported by the typography, colour scheme and layout, informing the visitor of the business values and process. 


5. Organic Pet Company

Organic pet company home page


Organic Pet Company takes a different approach again to their website design, with a large focus on using photographs not only to show off their products but also to create a specific mood on their site and communicate the brand identity. These photographs communicate to consumers the kind of life their dog will have if they purchase Organic Pet Company products. They use their website design to position their company values, such as anti-animal cruelty, natural living and family, at the forefront, and presenting their products as a way for customers to align themselves with these values. 

Although all of these businesses are appealing to the same audience, pet owners, each has used their unique website design to communicate their message and differentiate themselves within the market. Website design is about more than just creating a pretty website. Website design allows you to tell visitors about your business, what you value and why they should choose your products over those sold by another company. Inspired web design allows you to not only catch customers attention but hold it and convert them from a visitor to a consumer. 


The power of infographics

Infographics are not a new phenomenon. Some may even argue that the roots of infographics lay in ancient pictorial storytelling, even in the first cave drawings of our early human ancestors. Luckily our methods of portraying information with graphics have become slightly more sophisticated since the stone age, amongst other aspects (but not all) of civilisation. So in the interests of progressing the species just a little more, Patch Agency wants you to understand how you can harness the ancient power of visual aids and build infographics that entice and inspire your consumer base. But where to start?



1. Know what you want to showcase


The first step in entering the world of infographic creation is to have an idea of what you are wanting to express. Ultimately this comprises two aspects. One, that the topic is in a field or category you have expertise and therefore authority in. This will not only give weight to what you are compiling but also align the topic to your business category. Second, is that the topic you choose is something you find interesting, and if it is new news for your audience, they will likely find it interesting too. 


2. Source your information


Now that you have chosen a topic, the next step on your infographic making journey is to source your data. Infographics are very often used as a showcase of statistics and research results. So it is important to ensure that the interesting facts that align with your topic are not only relevant but accredited. Make sure that your statistics are coming from reputable sources (i.e. peer-reviewed studies, government-funded research etc.). You can lose a lot of personal credibility in your area of professional expertise by quoting false or fake data points (although you might get elected).


3. Create a layout (wireframe)


drawing of squares on paper

After you have compiled your interesting facts, you need to align them into an order that tells a story. This comes hand-in-hand with choosing a visual layout, so it might be a good idea at this point to grab an old school piece of paper and just draw out where you think everything should fit. For example, a whole lot of data around planetary bodies stacked next to each other is probably not super exciting. But turning the data into a visual journey through the solar system, starting with Mercury and ending with Neptune (or Pluto if you want to be contentious), suddenly your infographic becomes exciting. Depending on your topic, I’m sure you can find a number of templates or concepts to get you inspired. 


4. Set the tone


After you’ve laid everything out, and the flow or narrative makes sense, you need to focus on the main strength of the infographic…    the graphics. You have a topic, so let your topic and your own branding visuals be your guide. Using the planetary example, you can see how easy it could be to envisage a merging of Patch Agency’s style, and that of a space/NASA theme. And depending on the topic and the audience, you need to choose whether you want a happy tone, or a serious, clinical one (for medical info for example). The visual tone is the first piece your audience will grab on to, so as a rule if you find it aesthetically pleasing and relevant to the information you’re presenting, your audience likely will too. 


5. Beware of TMI


You should now start seeing a more finalised version of your infographic materialise. So it is probably time to enact the golden rule of infographics…   strip it back! It is very easy to overload your page with heaps of interesting data points, but be aware of your audience’s attention span, so try to not input too much information. And from a graphic design perspective, negative space is your friend. 


Now that you have the foundations of infographic creation at your disposal, go forth and give it a whirl! And keep in mind, graphic design, statistical analysis, and data storytelling are not skills easily learned, so if all else fails, reach out to the creative young experts at Patch Agency to help you showcase the professional skills you and your business already excel at!

The Best Pet/ Animal Websites of 2020

Since the dawn of the internet, one of the most searched for categories is animal content, whether that is funny animal content, animal facts, blogs/ vlogs or to locate pet stores, vets and rescues! Big or small, humans have always had a fascination and love for animals. We have rounded up our favourite pet/ animal websites to cover any of your pets needs. 


petrescue website

Shopping for a new furry friend? We have you covered. Let’s start by mentioning our favourite rescue sites. Remember, adopt don’t shop. 


Pet Rescue

This is an international site that connects you with shelters/ rescues all over to find you your perfect pet. It is simple to search for the type of pet you are looking for and enter your country or even a smaller area code to find pets nearby. The site allows you to add in further metrics to narrow your search such as your home conditions to find the perfect pet suited to your needs.


Adopt a Pet

Another great site to find a rescued baby to give a forever home. This site is however just Aus-wide, and is only the RSPCA shelters so will have a narrower search than the above mentioned Pet Rescue site.



vet australia website

Whether you are working in the veterinary field or just looking for one nearby, we have you covered with our top Veterinary websites.


Vet Australia  

This is a great site to find Veterinary Clinics Australia wide. If you are potentially new to an area or travelling with your pooch, check out this site to find your nearest vet and associated businesses such as groomers. This is a database of all the pet businesses in your area, very handy. 


The Australian Veterinary Association

This site is designed for those working in the veterinary industry. This is a great site for vets to access resources, stay up to date with policies and procedures and link up with other vets through the member hub and veterinary events. 


Veterinary Partner 

Veterinary Partner can be described as ‘Web MD’, except for your pet! This is a great online resource for animal health information. However, the same applies when googling your own symptoms, you should always consult a specialist with any health concerns. This is just a great free resource to find out more about specific conditions, and learn how to care for your pet’s health and wellbeing further. Always consult your veterinary clinic before making any changes to your pet’s health regime.


Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance Website

It is important to shop around when looking for the best pet insurance, after all, our pets are an extension of our family. Make sure your insurance covers any potential emergency situations/ overnight vet stays that may arise. As most pet owners are aware, veterinary bills can often outweigh our own hospital bills, due to the wonderful Australian healthcare system. Should we start a petition to add our pets onto medicare? We think yes. In the meantime, it’s important to find a good insurance provider! Here are our top websites to help you with this feat. 


To compare Pet Insurance between multiple providers, consider using an insurance comparison site such as iSelect, or Choosi


Here is a list of some of our recommendations, however, it is always advised to compare and pick a provider that suits your personal needs.


Pet Insurance Australia, rated 4.1 stars and won the best pet insurance award in 2019.


Pet Secure, which has also been rated 4.1 stars by verified buyers. 


RSPCA, rated 4 stars. RSPCA is a trusted and well-known provider with a much higher number of reviews, 4 stars is still a great result, showing customer satisfaction.  


Payment Options

Photo of woman on phone

Vet bills are stacking up, and you haven’t had a chance to secure a great insurance plan prior or they are not covering the bills? You may be left wishing and wondering why vets don’t have Afterpay… well they do. Or a similar equivalent. Like AfterPay, and the other ‘pay later’ applications only certain veterinary clinics have this payment option, however, you can find a list of the participating clinics on their website.


Visit Vet Pay for more information.


Grief/ Pet Loss

Dog lead, leash and tag

Our Wonderful Pets 

We hold this one close to our heart. This is a wonderful site for those dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. You can use this site to join in discussion forums with people dealing with the same hardship, or create a memorial post for your pet, read through other memorial posts. Overall it is just a great site to feel a sense of community in a terrible situation.



Dog crate being loaded onto aircraft

Travelling with your pooch? Here are some websites that may be useful to review before setting off on your great adventure.

Jet Pets 

Jet Pets is a great resource for booking your pets travel separate to your own, particularly if you are required to catch a flight, you can have your furry friend booked on the same flight with all their road transport linked up and handled by the one company. Like a travel agent for your pooch. Leave it up to Jet Pets to handle all the logistics for you. 



Looking for a pet-friendly place to stay? Checkout Stayz website, which has a ‘pet-friendly’ category making it extremely easy to view all the properties in your holiday destination at one time. 



Biggies Raw Pantry Dog Treats Platter

Our favourite online shopping sites in Australia for pets are as follows.


Pet barn really has it all from pet food and care items to toys and accessories. They also have a lot of brick and mortar stores Australia wide if you prefer to shop in person, check out their website to find your nearest store.


Biggie’s Raw Pantry

Biggie’s Raw Pantry is a great local Brisbane store that stocks 100% natural treats. It’s well known that a lot of store-bought treats have hidden nasty’s that aren’t the best for our pet’s health. Biggie’s Raw Pantry uses 100% natural ingredients, with your pet’s health at the forefront of their mission!


We hope this list has given you some clarity, as a pet owner, as to just how many resources are online for our four-legged friends. This is just a small list of our favourites, however, there are so many other great websites out there with valuable information from pet health to entertainment. Please let us know down below if you found any of these websites helpful, or if you found another one that you love to use.

Seven Best Graphic Design Tools For Your Pet Business

The pet industry is a great space to stretch your design muscles and create a beautiful, unique design perfect for your business. From innocent and playful to professional and structured, and everything in between, there is a wide range of design styles you can use for your pet business. Your design style will tell your audience who you are, what you value and what you can offer them, providing the perfect platform to present your products. Photos, illustrations, colours and text are all important elements in creating a design for your business, and there are plenty of tools to help. 

But what are the best graphic design tools you can use for your pet business?

1. Lightroom

lightroom logo

Everyone loves cute pet photos, particularly the pet owners you want to attract to your business so beautiful photos are a must. Adobe Lightroom is a great program for simple, quick photo editing. While an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is needed to access this program, it is well worth the investment to ensure every photo you share is the best it can be, without taking too much of your time. Lightroom is also available as an app on your apple or android smartphone.


2. Photoshop

photoshop logo

For the more experienced designer, or someone looking to design outside the box, Adobe Photoshop is a brilliant tool. Want to do more than just polish off your photograph? Adobe Photoshop allows you to get creative with your photo editing and create unique, beautiful designs to wow your audience. You will need to take a bit more time, and it may take a little bit of practice to familiarize yourself with the program, but the results speak for themselves. 



vsco logo

An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription may be a bit outside of your budget, or maybe you don’t have time to sit down with a program like Lightroom or Photoshop. VSCO is an easy to use app for your apple or android smartphone, making photo editing on the go simple and accessible. VSCO has a large range of filters for novices or time-poor individuals who want beautifully edited photos with the click of a button. For the more experienced designer, or if you want more control over your photo, VSCO also allows you full control over the process to edit quickly, and easily with beautiful results. With paid and free versions available, this app can suit your needs. 


4. Canva

canva logo

Looking for something a little different? Canva is a great resource to speed up your design process. With a wide range of design templates, stock imagery, illustrations and design elements at your fingertips, Canva is great for the inexperienced designer or time-poor creator. Available online or on your smartphone, with both paid and free version, Canva is adaptable to your business needs. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to create a beautiful design for any occasion or application.


5. Illustrator

illustrator logo

Adobe Illustrator is another Adobe Creative Cloud program that allows you full creative control over your design. Create unique, personalised designs with custom illustrations and control over every aspect of the design. Explore artboards, brush tools and all the other tools Adobe Illustrator has to offer and create the perfect design for your business. From start to finish every aspect of a design made in Adobe Illustrator is your own. 


6. InDesign

indesign logo

Adobe InDesign is the perfect tool when approaching a larger task. From flyers and brochures to presentations and booklets, and everything in between, Adobe InDesign allows you to create beautiful, custom designs on a larger scale. Create your own templates and build your own designs from scratch to match your vision. Adobe InDesign may take a little getting used to if you have never used the program before, but it is well worth the time to create beautiful designs for digital and print purposes. 


7. Sketch

sketch logo

Looking to design your own website? Sketch is the perfect tool to help you create customer wireframes for your website. Design every aspect of your website, from headers to navigation, page flow, transition and everything more, Sketch enables you to control every aspect of your website, and create the perfect design for you before beginning development. You can base your design off a template or start from a blank slate. Sketch allows you to bring your vision to life, test out ideas and finalize your concept before approaching a developer or spending time developing a website yourself. 


There is a wide range of design tools available, both paid and free. Whether you need photo editing, stock elements, or custom designs, these tools can help you create whatever designs you need for your pet business. Be sure to look around and find the right programs for you, and help your business stand out from the crowd. 


Web Design 101

How often do you hear the phrase ‘Google it’ in a day, or how often do you turn to the internet to answer your questions, big and small? In the digital age, it is essential for businesses to have a digital presence, the most important part of this being a website. From attracting new customers to existing customers looking for information, every business needs a website to engage with their community and continue to grow their business. 

Websites are more than just a platform for information, they are a promotional and persuasive tool to help position your brand in front of consumers. If you are looking to make a purchase or engage with a business, you are more likely to go with the more unique and aesthetic website than a simple landing page. This is where web design comes in. 

Web design is the first step to creating a beautiful, engaging website that will have consumers choosing your business over a competitor. Building a custom website allows you to communicate the brand identity more clearly to consumers and spark their interest. Using a template is fine, but web design allows you to be creative, emotive and adventurous with your website.

So what exactly is involved in web design?


1. Define the business


The first step in web design is to define the business, explore the ins and outs of the business identity, their unique offerings and story. It is a collaborative project between the business and website designer to discover the business identity, the aesthetic direction, page requirements and content creation. 

The web design will be a reflection of this definition. It is important to define this at the start of the process, as the same visuals will be used not only on the website but also on social media in order to create a cohesive brand.


2. UX design

man on laptop with desktop computer


The designer collects all this information and then designs a website that shines a light on the business, highlighting the very best elements and presenting them to consumers. This next step is known as user-experience and user-interface design, or UX/UI design. The designer considers not only what the website needs to do, but also how the user will interact with it. How will they navigate the site, what is the natural process, what will they expect to see and how can we improve on their expectations? 

When creating the website design, they consider all these aspects of the user experience and how the website can keep them engaged and interacting on the site. 

From colours to typography, shape and transitions, every aspect of the design is considered to create a reflection of the business, communicating with consumers visually and creating the best online experience possible. 


3. Build the customers’ trust


First impressions are forever and good web design allows your business to create a strong, positive impression on customers. In the digital age, consumers are quick to form judgements and wary of websites that appear untrustworthy. If your website is not designed properly you risk sending the wrong message and losing clients. Web design can make or break a business’ online presence, placing you in front of competitors or driving them away. When designing a website, make sure it looks inviting and secure to the customer.

When you’re starting out and building your business, always remember to keep the customers in mind. Do you know what message your business is wanting to portray? Will the design of your website make customers want to stay and purchase your items? Is the design easy to use? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to create a user-friendly website. 


Need help with web design? Contact Patch Agency today.