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Be there for your customers when they need you most with our results-driven advertising.

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Measure the results of your campaign and see the growth of your return on investment right in front of your eyes as our Paid Marketing Team develops eye-catching visuals and captivating copy. We take the time to explore what makes your business unique, what sparks your customers to convert, and how to build on this success month to month.

How We Work

When engaging Patch Agency to manage your Google Ads expect firstly a detailed PPC Strategy where we investigate your market and perform keyword research and thorough competitor analysis. This report not only guides your Google Ads strategy but is something we deliver to you, for you to keep on file and use for future marketing efforts becoming an integral part of your overall marketing plan!

Patch Agency was built off the back of being let down by other agencies with communication, and return on investment. Our core business mission is to go above and beyond with communications to keep you in the loop every step of the way. Expect weekly insights, open communication with our experts, the opportunity for fortnightly meetings, and a monthly detailed report and catch-up with the team!

Google Ads Partners

Google Ads Partners are accredited Google Ads experts – a program designed for advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals and other online consultants. Patch Agency has been accredited as Google Ads Partners, meaning we’re recognized for maximizing campaign success for our clients, driving client growth, and demonstrating expert knowledge in managing Google Ad campaigns. Our PPC team has undergone Google’s rigorous online courses and exams, walking away with certifications in their individual fields of expertise. This accreditation gives you the confidence that Patch Agency is the right Digital Marketing Agency for you.


There is no minimum cost to run a PPC campaign. With PPC, you pay per click and are in control of your daily spend. The daily spend can be adjusted at any time to achieve the results you want.


PPC ads can be targeted to a specific audience, such as people that live in a certain area, view ads on certain devices, certain genders and more.


You will instantly be able to see how many people are seeing and clicking on your ads. Looking at this data allows you to adjust budgets or targeting options where necessary.


At any time during the campaign you will be able to alter the text, targeting and budgets to help improve your results.


Unlike SEO, PPC delivers instant results. You won’t have to wait for months to see the results. Instead, you’ll instantly be able to see data from your PPC ads.

Patch Agency

Frequently Ask Questions

At Patch Agency, we treat our clients like family. You will work directly with our digital marketing specialists and will always be able to contact our team.

“Ad Spend” refers to the investment you place into your business through Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Yes! Google Ads are always there for you at the top of the search results exactly when you need them – so you’ve probably clicked on them yourself and not even realized!

There are three main factors that determine the cost-per-click of a campaign: bidding costs of the key search words your ad is using (and how much competing businesses are willing to spend to gain the top position for these keywords), your audience size (the more targeted the keywords, the higher the click-through rate would be as your audience is more engaged – which brings down the overall cost.) and how captivating your advertisement’s creatives are.

Search Engine Marketing suits any business model – from lead generation to e-commerce, and everything in between, it ensures your business will be seen as your audience searches for it.

Yes! Even if you are organically at the top of the results for your brand name, having an ad appear above that on the page will allow you to control exactly what your audience sees, and tailor different factors such as the ad copy or the landing page, to suit your business’ or your audiences’ needs at the exact time that they are trying to find it

As SEO is a long term venture, it can be beneficial to complement it with PPC in order to drive results in the short term to ensure that your business has consistent growth.

Google Ads can appear as text based ads in Google Search Results or across the Google Display Network. This is a partnership of over 2 million+ websites within the network that is available for Google Display ads

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns grant the freedom to invest as much into your business as you feel is necessary – but the higher the ad spend, the easier it is to gain results and increase the return on ad spend.

While the use of exact search terms will ensure your advertisement is only shown to people who used the exact phrasing listed, negative search terms will do the opposite to ensure your ad is only shown to those who need to see it (so if your business is called “Roses Cafe” for example, it will appear when someone searches for “Cafes near me”, and not “Florists near me”). Broad search terms take into account all words associated with the phrase you entered, so no matter how the customer phrased it, or how bad they are at spelling, your ad will still end up being seen.

Absolutely! No matter if your business model requires lead-generation advertising or conversion campaigns, there are many factors that go into measuring the success of your ads including ROAS (return on ad spend), impressions (or the amount of people who have come across your ad), website actions (such as click-to-call, directions, forms filled out, or even page views), and many more!