PatchPets is dedicated social media platform for the passionate dog owners subculture seeking to form ongoing connections within the community.

The app aims to provide the connection between dog-friendly businesses and services with countless dog owners across the world. It is not just an app for pet dog owners – it’s a social media platform that focuses on dogs, allowing owners to set up playdates, dog events, and connect with dog groups.

Over 3000 active users


We Understand the Pet Industry Landscape

Does your bisiness love pets? We do too! In fact PA understands the Australian pet industry landscape better than most, with vast industry knowledge, many close ties, and core clients from the industry.

The Australian pet food market is highly consolidated, with a vast number of large-scale multinational companies and a few small-scale and medium-scale producers, making the market highly competitive.

The quality of pet life continues to play an essential role in product innovation and retail value sales growth within the pet food market with Pet owners not increasingly focusing on the quality of the pet products and convenient pet offerings.

The shift in pet ‘ownership’ to ‘parenting’ has been a very crucial and defining trend in the pet food market, more so in the developing countries. Over a third of the households in the developed countries own a pet. Traditionally, pet owners fed their pets the leftovers and scraps from family meals. However, consumers are now becoming aware that pet food and home-made food consist of separate nutritional elements, and that pets need to be fed a diverse range of food, as part of an adequate diet.

PatchPets website on imac
PatchPets app wireframes on mac laptop and iphone


Designing for the User Experience

Most users will tell you that a poor mobile experience makes them less likely to engage with a company. Without professional UX design input, a user is highly likely to stop using the app after the first time. Smartphone app users are accustomed to elegant, extremely well thought-out designs from apps like Facebook, Instagram and Google Chrome. Users are used to navigating poor quality websites, but they are not used to poor quality apps.

Being a social network, The PatchPets app needed to have a similar aesthetic to other social networks. We spend a lot of time researching and analysing the design of some of the world’s best apps in order to put together an elegant user interface design that we thought captured the playful nature of the concept, but retained the solid foundation of what makes other social networks so successful.


PA has been in charge of the overarching marketing strategy for the last 12 months. We utilise a mix of digital marketing and traditional platforms based on our research on consumer behaviour and their possible emotional response towards different campaign messages and formats.

Regardless of how much ad budget you put into a campaign, bad ad experience can be counter-productive and create bad brand association in the mind of consumers. We carefully chose ad platforms and ad placements that smoothly direct users into app stores and complete downloads.

Digital Ads

Compared to traditional media, digital ads target users more efficiently because their algorithms are designed to analyse user data and support micro-optimisation based on ad performance. This makes digital campaigns more measurable and generally more cost-efficient compared to more traditional forms of marketing.

Patch Pets app store page on iphone and PatchPets instagram page on mac laptop