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Frequently Ask Questions

At Patch Agency, we treat our clients like family. You will work directly with our digital marketing specialists and will always be able to contact our team.

There are a lot of factors and considerations to determine which marketing channel would be the most effective for your business in driving revenue and return on investment. Generally speaking, paid advertising tends to be the channel that drives the most revenue but it’s other channels can be more effective in some cases and usually a mix of a few channels is best.

Marketing very rarely sees sales results overnight. It can generally be expected to see small increases in sales in the first few months with proper investment.

How long is a piece of string? Essentially, the more you put into social media marketing the more you get out of it. You can organically grow your social media channels, however, this is a slower process. Once you have a matured ad campaign scaling your budgets is imperatitve for month on month growth and improving your return on ad spend (ROAS). We recommend a smaller budget for the first month or two while you build out audiences, and develop the winning strategy that engages your audience from there we recommend scaling your ad spend.

While Search Engine Optimisation will boost your organic search results, Pay-Per-Click advertisements are prioritised by Google and as such appear higher on the results page. So ultimately, yes. PPC advertising also offers far more control over the reach you can gain to expand your clientbase, and more creative freedom to achieve your short term goals.

Return of investment for SEO varies between industries. But we can work out a projection with you based on how valuable customers are to you and then tie that into the search volume and click-through rates.