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Social Media Advertising

Looking for an edge of authenticity from your ads? Social Media advertising grants you the opportunity to show off your products & services – and your personality!

How Can Social Ads Help Your Business

Do you need more sales? More traffic to your website? Grow your business quickly and easily using Social Ads – from Facebook to Instagram, TikTok, and everything in between, Social Ads allow you to visually display your products and services to your specific audience. Social Media Ads allow you to target behaviours and demographics that you know your customer encompasses with the additional layer of Geo-targeting.

Geo-targeting means you can localise your marketing efforts – it is a great way to reach only people in your suburb, surrounding suburbs, country, or specific area. This is a cost-effective way to ensure quality paid leads, inside your service area.

No more wasting money on advertising to the masses! It’s time to get detailed, and only target your customer demographic. Ready to start implementing Social Ads for your business?

How It Works?

Patch Agency offers various social media advertising solutions, tailored to different businesses and various budgets. All of our packages include the implementation of our strategic ads funnel and audience targeting to meet your requirements. We will create a clear definition of the goals and objectives you hope to achieve from our ads, and then from there Patch will do all the heavy lifting to get you there.

Social Ads

Want to stand out from the crowd and increase your business’s exposure? Let your branding do the talking for you, with Patch’s bold and innovative Social Ad designs.

Develop a trusted social media presence and build a relationship with your audience through our Social Media Management services.

Social ads is a cost-effective way to increase your sales and leads.

Facebook Ads

Unlike Google Ads, ads on Facebook and Instagram allow you to visually promote your business through the use of photographs and videos. These ads will be displayed in a user’s newsfeed or stories. You’re completely in control over where the ads display and which platform – you can just use Facebook or Instagram, you’re not locked into both.

These platforms let you custom-create an audience – you can target people who live in a specific geographic area, are within a certain age group, or have certain interests. You can even exclude certain people from your target audience. This ensures that the people most likely to purchase from your business will see your advertisement.

Patch Agency

Frequently Ask Questions

At Patch Agency, we treat our clients like family. You will work directly with our digital marketing specialists and will always be able to contact our team.

With 2.85 billion monthly active users, it’s a safe bet that no matter who your target audience is, you’ll find them on one social platform or another! Even if you yourself aren’t on Facebook, that doesn’t mean that your entire target audience is the same – maybe you should give it a shot!

Social media ads are any ads that you see appear on your feed – so any social post that says “sponsored” or “ad” above it is promoted in some way, whether that be social ads or boosted posts!

Absolutely! Facebook is all about fair advertising, and part of that is transparency among brands. If you’re interested in seeing the complete collection of ads running on Facebook, go to the ‘Facebook Ads Library’.

With tools like the Conversions Tracking API, Dynamic Product Ads, retargeting campaigns, and so much more – it’s clear to see why so many brands choose social ads! Plus, it’s a good way to show off your products and let them do the talking for you.

Yes! Facebook can link directly to your site through the creation of a Facebook Pixel and begin tracking your audience in order to retarget them, create ‘lookalike’ audiences, and even show them ads of the products they viewed!